camp choice Aboriginal Education & Outreach - Gr. 6-8

Camp Choice Aboriginal Education & Outreach - Grade 7-8
Dates: May 2015 Fees: Funded Initiative

Welcome to Humber's CAMP CHOICE – Aboriginal Camp & Outreach program, a funded initiative to help Aboriginal youth build a successful future. This is a two part program designed to introduce young Aboriginal students to college life in grades 7 and 8, and then stay connected to these students back in their communities throughout the high school years, to provide support and encourage positive postsecondary education choices.

3-Day Education Camp

This program starts with grade 7/8 students from various First Nation communities throughout Ontario joining together to participate in a 3-day (overnight) college experience camp at Humber's Main Campus. The camp is designed to expose younger youth to postsecondary education and introduce a diverse array of careers and educational pathways utilizing Humber's specialized labs, classrooms and nature facilities. Cultural leadership is provided by elders with the assistance of senior college students (camp counselors) who act as leaders and mentors and stay with the students 24hrs to ensure they understand and enjoy their college experience. The program combines residence living with hands-on workshops and group activities that promote native culture and encourage learning – all in a fun and supportive environment! This program was successfully piloted in 2009 with 85 students. So far over 485 Aboriginal students have participated in CAMP CHOICE – Aboriginal Camp.

Outreach Oshkabewis Peer Mentoring Follow-up – In 2010 we recognized the need for a continued outreach component for these grade 7/8 participants. In 2011 the Oshkabewis Peer Mentoring Follow-up was developed and added. Today, when students return home to their communities after attending Camp Choice, our Oshkabewis Peer Mentoring Program reconnects with students, their communities and local role models to provide support and encouragement as they enter and progress through high school.