In the spirit of collaboration, reciprocity and exchange, Humber Galleries and the Aboriginal Resource Centre have partnered with The Public Studio to bring forward Celebrating the Indigenous Spirit, an inter-generational group show taking place at north Space from November 20 - December 8, 2017. 


Throughout history, Indigenous peoples have found the strength to creatively connect with worlds that exist beyond what is. In many cases, this has meant struggling to reclaim and regenerate relational, place-based existences amongst ongoing forces of destruction. Whether through art, dance, performance, or culturally embedded practice, the roots of Indigenous artistry run deep, reaching up and across generations to feed the spirit. 

Celebrating the Indigenous Spirirt incoporates and encourages inter-generational approached to honour the rich diversity, imaginative beauty, and resilient vitality of Indigenous artistry. While artists are encouraged to consider the resurgence of Indigenous power through creative expression and practice, broad interpretations exploring the following areas are also welcome: intersectionality, urbanity, intergenerational trauma and resilience; cultural reclamation and restoration, regeneration; revitilization and renewal; health and wellness; self-determinism, decolonization and reconciliation. 


Submissions of existing works are welcome from both emerging and established artists who identify as Indigenous (First Nations, Inuit, Métis). The committee is interested in creating inter-generational dialogue, utliizing a wide range of media including, but not limited to:  dance, film/media, installation, sound art, performance, and visual art. 

Final selections of works will depend on the availability of equipment and space. However, please note that every effort will be made to create an inclusive environment for exhibition of all types of art. 


Applicants should describe the art work including title, medium, dimensions/duration, context for the creation of the work, spatial and technological requirements in addition to including 

  • 2-3 images of the work 
  • Artist's current CV 
  • Artist's biography (100 words or less) 
  • Applications are to be submitted in a single PDF document with the subject line "Celebrating the Indigenous Spirit" to Regina Hartwick, Manager of the Aboriginal Resource Centre at