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Goal 2

Provide opportunities for students to earn academic credit while studying or completing placements abroad

In 2015-2016, over 500 Humber students took part in work and study abroad programs in 47 different countries. Some of Humber’s key international mobility initiatives include:

Semester Abroad in Japan

Public Relations degree student Sarah Chan Rejante spent a semester studying in Japan. Her experience introduced her not only to a new culture, but also to new friends. Her advice, “immerse yourself in the culture in every way possible; this is your chance to see the world from an entirely different perspective.”

Research Internship in Uganda

Ryan Snider, Tourism professor, received a SIRF research grant to study the tourism experience in Uganda’s Gorilla Highlands. Seven Humber students from the Tourism – Travel Services Management diploma and Hospitality & Tourism Management degree program participated in this international research study on the impacts of gorilla tourism in Bwindi, Uganda. They learned first-hand about sustainable tourism, conducted student-led applied field research, and got up close to the gorillas in the Uganda highlands. Student Megan Gougeon said “the experience helped me to understand the important relationship between people, the planet and profit.”

Semester Exchange at Robert Gordon University in Scotland, UK

Sergiy Fomin, a student in the Humber's International Business degree program, spent a semester in Scotland to try something new. “Studying abroad is a challenge, but is both fun and difficult and definitely worth doing!” Proud of his accomplishment, he feels it will look very good on a resume. “Having this experience will be considered an asset in today’s diverse and multicultural world.”

Industrial Design Student Takes a UK Tour

Deena Cincinatus wanted to visit the design world in the UK to give her the opportunity to make connections with people in the same industry, but in a new and exciting country. She advises future student travellers to make sure you bring some work to show to possible employers as people are willing to give you advice to help you improve for the future.

Humber Students Travel to the UK

In June 2016 Joanna Amirault and Daniel Bear, two faculty from Humber’s Criminal Justice degree program, led 19 students to the UK and Northern Ireland on field placement in partnership with the University of Gloucestershire. Students had the unique opportunity to witness and reflect upon comparative practices of restorative justice, policing and community approaches to development and reconciliation.

Incredible Experiences for Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism Students

Faculty and students from a wide range of HRT programs participated in study abroad trips. These 10 - 15 day excursions gave students the opportunity to learn about new cultures, gain new program-related skills and have real life experiences taking them well beyond the classroom.

  • Italy – A Taste of the Mediterranean
    Thirty students from the Culinary Management, Baking & Pastry Arts Management and Food & Nutrition Management diploma programs arrived in Rome and travelled through the region of Tuscany on a delicious culinary adventure.
  • California Coast
    Humber HRT faculty member Ajay Rampersad and faculty member, Fabian Rayne, travelled down the California coast with ten Humber Fitness and Health Promotion diploma, Exercise Science and Lifestyle Management postgraduate certificate, and Kinesiology degree students to introduce them to different approaches in fitness assessment and training as it relates to sports performance.
  • IMG Academy in Florida
    Students from Humber’s Sport Management program took a trip to Florida to learn about the business of sport in an international context. During the trip, they were able to explore state-of-the-art training tools at one of the most respected preparatory institutes in the world, IMG Academy.

Fashion Students Fly to London

From Topshop to Burberry to Selfridges & Co., The Business School’s Fashion Management degree students went behind the scenes in London, England’s most famous fashion stores. Led by Bruce Sinclair, Program Coordinator, students from each of the four years took advantage of this unique opportunity. “The breadth of knowledge students have gained in the program along with everything they learned in London really rounded out their educational experience.” Sinclair says.

Service-Learning in Costa Rica

Thanks to the tremendous support provided by Community Colleges for International Development (CCID), Humber was awarded the prestigious Harris-Wofford Global Service Fellowship in 2015-16. This allowed Dr. Philip Burge and Dr. Rai Reece, faculty members from the School of Social and Community Services, to accompany 15 Humber students on a servicelearning trip to Cartago, Costa Rica. This trip allowed them to critically engage and work with social service programs in Costa Rica with an emphasis on participatory learning and cultural immersion. Students learned how to overcome language barriers and make connections through active play and art activities.

Nicaragua Service Learning Trip

Fifteen Humber students travelled to Nicaragua to gain a fresh perspective on community development.

During the trip, they were able to connect with local community members in rural villages while exploring the most spectacular beaches of the Pacific Coast and conducting valuable service work. This was an authentic volunteer experience combined with adventure, exploration and cultural immersion.

For faculty member Sherri Branscombe, the highlight of the trip was seeing the change in the students. “Not only their perspective but also their career path,” she says.

humber students visiting

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“It was the greatest adventure I have ever been on.”

Sarah Chan Rejante, Bachelor of Public Relations

“It was eye-opening, exciting and full of unexpected challenges.”

Megan Gougeon, BComm, Hospitality and Tourism Management

“International travel opens our minds to new ways of thinking and doing – that we might not consider or accept when in the comforts of our own home or culture.”

Dr. Ryan Snider, Humber Faculty

“Students discussed language barriers and the importance of opening one’s mind and heart in terms of willingness to learn and grow in challenging situations.”

Dr. Philip Burge, Humber Faculty

“It is rewarding to see students emerge as leaders and to see a side of them that you aren’t exposed to in the classroom.”

Sherri Branscombe, Humber Faculty