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First Name and/or Middle Name Change Request

Humber acknowledges that a student’s “preferred” first name should be used whenever possible to ensure a supportive, healthy and welcoming academic and living environment.

IMPORTANT: Domestic applicants must make name changes via OCAS ( to minimize application inconsistencies. International applicants must contact Angela Lee ( to make name changes.

The First and/or Middle Name Change Request form can be accessed here.

This form is intended to provide any student with a way to change their first and/or middle nameas it appears on their student account. This name will be reflected on Humber systems (MyHumber, Blackboard, Hmail etc.) and on Humber documentation (e.g. transcripts, credentials and class lists).

We’ve attempted to answer some of the frequently asked questions related to this topic. If you have a question and would like to ask in confidence please contact:

Office of the Registrar: Angela Lee, SIS Identity Coordinator (
LGBTQ+ Resource Centre:  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Humber student systems (MyHumber, Blackboard and Hmail) will reflect the new first/middle name. This first/middle name will also be used on all Office of the Registrar documentation including transcripts, confirmation of enrolment (COE), confirmation of graduation (COG), and credentials (certificate, diploma, degree).

The change will not be reflected on any third party system (OSAP, WSIB, Second Career, etc.) Please contact the organization directly regarding their name change policies.

External institutions may not recognize or accept a changed first/middle name for legal purposes. These institutions include, but may not be limited to: OSAP, financial institutions, RESP providers, potential employers, other educational institutions, passports, police records check (required for some courses and/or placements), Revenue Canada and health insurance providers.  It’s important to understand that inconsistency between the first/middle name used by Humber and the name used by external organizations may cause unexpected difficulty and it is solely your responsibility to resolve such discrepancies.

If you are an employee at Humber (even work-study), you must contact Human Resources to advise them of any name changes.

Domestic applicants must make name changes via OCAS ( to minimize application inconsistencies. International applicants must contact Angela Lee ( to make name changes.

To avoid any confusion with another institution, the name on documents issued by Humber should match the name that you provide when applying to other institutions.

No, your new name will not be impacted by any program or campus change.

The first/middle name change request is held in a confidential manner and without prejudice. No student information is provided to any other individual without express consent from the student. However, completing this form changes your first/middle name on Humber systems. This means staff and faculty will see your new first/middle name on class lists, transcripts, and any other Humber document.

Please be advised that Humber occasionally mails critical information to students’ mailing address on their record (e.g. photo ID cards, Collections notices, and convocation information). Ensure your preferred contact information is up-to-date via MyHumber.

Humber only keeps a permanent record of all previously used names for legal and record-keeping purposes. 

Once a student changes their first/middle name, that name would be used on Humber diplomas/credentials. If you are considering any first/middle name change, we strongly encourage you to complete the request form BEFORE requesting any Humber documentation (e.g. credentials, transcripts, COEs, placement credential, etc.) This will ensure you have your new name on these documents.

Staff/faculty should first contact Human Resources to have the Human Resources systems updated.

Staff/faculty should also fill out the request form to update the student systems, which are used for staff parking, any courses at Humber, etc.

To change your legal name, you must present government-issued photo ID to a representative in the Office of the Registrar. Once the documentation is provided, the change can be made.