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Withdrawal Information

Prior to withdrawing from your program, you are encouraged to explore options that may support your personal and academic success by contacting one or more of the following 

If you choose to withdraw, you must do so formally by the specified deadlines in the Academic Calendar to avoid academic and financial penalties.  General refund information can be found here.

If you intend to withdraw, you must fill out an e-form via MyHumber (select Student, Registration, then Application for Term or Complete Program Withdrawal).

Important: Not attending classes or notifying only your professor or Program Coordinator of your intent to withdraw are NOT acceptable methods for formally withdrawing from a class or program.

Important Deadlines in Academic CalendarTuition Refunded? (Minus non-refundable tuition deposit)Academic Penalty? (Grades appear on Transcript)
Withdrawing BEFORE “Last Day to Drop From Classes for A Refund Yes (minus non-refundable tuition deposit) No
Withdrawing BEFORE “Last Day to Withdraw Without Academic Penalty” No No
Withdrawing AFTER “Last Day to Withdraw Without Academic Penalty” No Yes, grades appear on transcript

If you are withdrawing from your program and you applied for an OSAP loan, you must inform the Financial Aid Office. Failure to notify the Financial Aid Office can impact your ability to receive OSAP funding in the future.

If you have received third party funding or are sponsored (e.g. Second Career program), you must notify your funder as withdrawing will impact your current and/or future funding.

International students can learn more about withdrawing and refunds here.