Stage 3: During Your Graduating Year

During Your Graduating Year
At this stage, you are likely preparing for what happens after graduation. You are putting all of the pieces together - interests, competencies, experiences and future opportunities - to help you make the leap from the classroom to the working world. Here is your CSSA Guide to ensure you have made the best out of your Humber journey.

Gear Up to Graduate

I understand where opportunities exist because:
  • I have met with a Career & Student Success Advisor for help researching the current labour market
  • I understand my options for further education and training to meet my career goals
  • I have explored work search resources and reviewed job search sites and online resources
  • I have checked out the CareerConnect Job Search for full-time, part-time, volunteer, summer and seasonal jobs
I have a sense of the type of career that suits me and what I want in a job because:
I am confident with my portfolio and can describe what I offer to employers because: