NOTE: All Banner generated courses, courses that have an assigned CRN number, including XL/cross listed courses, from Fall 2012 to Summer 2017 inclusive will be archived and then fully deleted from Blackboard on the weekend of January 11/12, 2020. Please backup/archive any courses older than Fall 2017 that you wish to keep offline by December 20th, 2019.

Instructors - Course Management

Student Preview Mode

The official Student Preview mode allows instructors to view a course exactly as student would without having to login to a separate student account. The Edit Mode is still available but to see a true student view, simply click the Student Preview icon located in the same row as the Change Course Theme function.

With student preview, you can experience your course exactly as your students do. While in student preview mode, you can do the following student activities:

  • Submit assignments
  • Take tests
  • Create blog and discussion posts
  • Create journal and wiki entries
  • View student tools, such as My Grades

Enter Student Preview Mode

  1. To enter student preview mode, click the Enter Student Preview icon, at the top-right corner of your course pages, next to the Change Course Theme function.
  2. Student Preview creates a student account, called the preview user account, logs you in as that student and enrolls you in the current course. When you enter student preview mode, the student preview bar appears at the top of every page. The bar displays the text "Student Preview mode is ON" and has Settings and Exit Preview functions.

Exit and Delete Your Preview User Account

  1. Click Exit Preview to exit the student preview. When you exit the student preview, you are prompted to keep or delete the preview user and all its associated data. It is considered best practice to remove the preview user and its associated data.

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Export Course Packages

The Export Course feature in Blackboard Learn 9.1 allows instructors to download a copy of their courses. This method is often used in order to give another instructor a copy of your content. The exported packages can also be used by instructors to copy content from their one course to another course.
In the tutorial below, you will learn how to Export Course (package) in Blackboard.

  1. Log into Blackboard and select the course you want to export.
  2. Under the Control Panel, expand Packages and Utilities section and click Export/Archive Course.
  3. On the Export/Archive Course page, click on the Export Package button.
  4. Under File Attachments, leave the default Copy links and include copies of the files in the course default directory checked for Course Files Default Directory and Files Outside of the Course Default Directory.
  5. In the Select Course Materials section, click on Select ALL unless you know specifically what you want to export. If you select Discussion Board, decide whether to include starter posts for each thread in each forum (anonymously) or include only forums with no starter posts.
  6. Click Submit to begin creating an export of your course. Blackboard will display a Success: This action has been queued message. This indicates the process has started, but hasn't yet finished. Blackboard will email you when the process is complete.

Download the Exported Course Package

  1. After you have received the confirmation email, click on the Refresh button on the page. The exported file should be listed under File Name on the page.
  2. Click the chevron next to your export file and choose Open.
  3. Save the file on your computer.

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Import Course Packages

Instructors may import content that has previously been exported from another Blackboard course. This content is typically in the .ZIP file format.

There are two major steps involved in importing a course:
  • Import Course Package
  • Upload File Structure Package

Import Course Package

  1. Under Control Panel, expand Packages and Utilities section and select Import Package/View Logs.
  2. Click on Import Package
  3. Click on Browse My Computer to locate and select the Course Package.
  4. Select the Course Materials you want included in the import.
  5. Click on Submit.
  6. You will receive an email when the import process has been completed.
  7. The next step is to upload File Structure package to your new Blackboard course.

Upload File Structure Package

After importing the Exported Course package, you will also need to upload the File Structure package to your course.

  1. Under Control Panel, click on Files.
  2. Click on the Course ID.
  3. This is your Course Files section.
  4. Click on Upload menu on the Action bar and choose Upload Zip Package
  5. Click on Choose File to locate and select the File Structure package
  6. Check off (put a tick mark) If Selected, the system automatically overwrites the existing file with the same name.
  7. Click on Submit to upload the File Structure
  8. Log out of Blackboard and log back in to view all course content

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Backup/Archive Course

The Archive Course feature creates a permanent record of a course including all the content and user interactions. Archived courses are saved as ZIP files.
To create a backup or archive of your course, follow the steps below:

Create an Archive/Backup of Course

  1. Click on Control Panel > Packages and Utilities > Export/Archive Course.
  2. Click on Archive Course button on the Export/Archive Course page.
  3. On the Archive Course page, select the check box for Include Grade Center History.
  4. In the File Attachments section, select Copy links and include copies of the files in the course default directory.
  5. Finally, click on the Submit button to begin creating an archive/backup of your course. Blackboard will display a Success: This action has been queued message. This indicates the process has started, but hasn't yet finished. Blackboard will email you when the process is complete.

Download the Course Backup/Archive Package

  1. When you receive your confirmation email, refresh the screen by clicking on the Refresh button
  2. Click the drop-down menu next to your archive file, select Open.
  3. You can now save the archive/backup package on your computer.

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Merge Courses

Instructors who teach multiple sections of the same course may prefer to manage those sections through a single master course with associated child courses.

In the course listing, master and child courses are always displayed together, with child courses indicated by an up arrow in the status column, pointing to the master course. New content must be managed from the master course. Child courses are marked as unavailable, but can be managed through the master course.

To request merging (cross listing) of courses, submit the online form at the following web link:

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Reset a Course

With the instructor role, you can reset your course or remove incorrect content from a course.
To reset your Blackboard course, follow the steps below:

Delete Content Areas and Tools from Course Menu

Each Blackboard course comes with a default course structure which includes following items. These default course menu items MUST NOT be deleted.

  • Announcements
  • Course Messages
  • Student Feedback Questionnaire
  • My Grades
  1. Click on the drop-down arrow (chevron) of the course menu item that you wish to delete. From the drop-down menu, choose Delete:
  2. On the confirmation dialog box, choose Delete Content
  3. If it’s a content area with content such as Learning Material, Blackboard will prompt you again to confirm to Delete:
  4. Follow these steps to delete each course menu item one at a time.
  5. Again, you MUST NOT delete the default course menu items which are Announcements, Course Messages, Student Feedback Questionnaire, and My Grades.

Delete File Structure (Course Files)

After you have deleted the course menu items that you wished to remove from course menu, you will need to perform one last step to remove course files from the backend of the course.

  1. In the Control Panel section of your course, click on Files and then click on the course ID:
  2. Select all Files/Folders and click on Delete:
  3. Blackboard will prompt you to confirm that you wish you to delete all course files. Choose OK on the prompt to delete:
  4. Your course is now fully reset and back to its default status. You can now import/copy content into your again.

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Hide Courses

Hiding a course does not remove it from the Blackboard Learn System. Hidden courses do not appear on the Blackboard Learn instructor homepage.

  1. Log in to blackboard.
  2. Click the icon in the corner of the "My Courses" module.
  3. Using the Select All/Unselect All, unselect the check-box beside the course that you wish to hide.
  4. Click Submit. The course should not appear on the homepage.

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Student Roster

When using the Roster tool in Blackboard 9.1, you can search students individually by typing in certain criteria.

To view a full class list:

  1. Select "Not Blank" from the second drop-down menu and select Go.

(Optionally) To delete the Content Area name from the Course Menu:

  1. Hover over the name of the Content area
  2. Click the chevron when it becomes available
  3. Choose Delete

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Control Panel

The control panel at the bottom of the page in a course in Blackboard is only visible for instructors. It provides links to course tools, the Grade Center as well as access to further help on Blackboard. For more information about specific Control Panel Tools, see corresponding Help Documents on the BB91 Help Site.

1. Files

The Files menu is a place for instructors to store materials directly on Blackboard.

2. Course Tools

The Course Tools provide instructors links to tools such as Achievements, Discussion Board, and Tests, Surveys and Pools. You can choose which tools are made available to your students.

3. Evaluation

The Evaluation link allows instructors to run Course Reports and access the Retention Center.

4. Grade Center

In the Grade Center, instructors can provide and manage students' grades for assignments, tests, discussion posts, journals, blogs, and wikis, and for ungraded items, such as surveys or self-tests. Instructors can also create Grade Columns for any activities such as special projects, participation, or attendance.

5. Users and Groups

Instructors can view a list of users in the course. To do this, click Users under Users and Groups. Instructors can also set up groups directly on Blackboard by clicking on Groups.

6. Customization

Instructors can customize their Blackboard course using the various customization tools. You can choose which course tools are available to the students by clicking Tool Availability.

7. Packages and Utilities

Packages and Utilities allows instructors to Import or Copy Blackboard courses.

8. Grade Center

The help links provides additional support for Blackboard.

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Performance Dashboard

  1. The performance dashboard is located under the Control Panel > Evaluation.
  2. The performance dashboard provides up to date report on the activity for all students.
  3. Adaptive Release shows any special permission applied to the views of the particular student. Discussion Board shows how many posts the student has made. Retention Center shows how many rules did the student not meet. View Grades takes you to the grade center.

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