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Instructors - LinkedInLearning

Log into LinkedInLearning has evolved into LinkedInLearning. LinkedInLearning is a platform dedicated to online learning by providing access to thousands of online video tutorials created by industry experts. The library of videos cover a range of topics including business, design, photography, and education to help you achieve your learning goals.

To access the new enhanced LinkedInLearning platform, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to
  2. In the top right corner, click on Sign In.
  3. Click on Sign in with your organization account:
  4. On the next page, enter your "Humber email address" and choose Continue:
  5. You will be redirected to Humber’s Central Authentication System. Enter your Humber user name and password (the same login credentials you use to log into Blackboard or MyHumber):
  6. After successful login in the previous step, you will now have two options to proceed into LinkedInLearning:
    1. Connect your LinkedIn account (if you already have one)
    2. Continue without LinkedIn account

  7. Continue without LinkedIn Account

    In the steps below, we will access LinkedInLearning without a LinkedIn account.

  8. Click on Continue without LinkedIn:
  9. You will be prompted to confirm if you do NOT wish to connect your LinkedIn account. Choose Do no connect my account:
  10. You will be taken to the Welcome page. On the Welcome page, choose Sounds good:
  11. You will now be prompted to choose categories you’re most interested in learning about:
  12. If you chose "I’m not sure yet" in the previous step, you will now be asked to choose at least one popular skill to proceed:
  13. You will now be logged into LinkedInLearning dashboard. From the dashboard, you can search for courses/tutorials/skills you’re most interested in learning about.

Connect with LinkedIn Account

The following steps will guide you to connect your LinkedIn account with LinkedInLearning.

  1. After successful log into Humber's Central Authentication System (steps 1 to 6), choose Connect my LinkedIn Account to merge with LinkedInLearning:
  2. On the next page, you will be prompted to enter your LinkedIn credentials:
  3. Click on Accept and continue… on the confirmation page:
  4. Your LinkedIn account will now be merged with LinkedInLearning.

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