NOTE: All Banner generated courses, courses that have an assigned CRN number, including XL/cross listed courses, from Fall 2012 to Summer 2017 inclusive will be archived and then fully deleted from Blackboard on the weekend of January 11/12, 2020. Please backup/archive any courses older than Fall 2017 that you wish to keep offline by December 20th, 2019.

Instructors - Technical Help

When to Contact Studio

  1. Setting up a course site.
  2. Uploading and creating content for a course.
  3. Basic training on Blackboard 9.1.

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When to Contact IT

When to Contact ITS?

  • To retrieve your user name and password for Blackboard Learn 9.1
  • If you are having difficulty installing software or any other technical issues.

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Internet Browser Checker

Click on the link below run Browser Checker on your computer. The Browser Checker will check whether Blackboard Learn supports your computer's Internet browser and operating system.

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Useful Downloads

It is recommended to download and install the following software plug-ins to your computer:

A number of Microsoft software programs are available to students at no cost. Click here to see the complete list of all free Microsoft software programs.

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Blackboard Support

For questions regarding Blackboard

Waterloo Co-op Students - Instructional Support Assistants

North Campus
416-675-6622 X 4744
Room D-225J

Lakeshore Campus
416-675-6622 X 3288
Cottage D, Room D112

Mark Ihnat -- eLearning Director
416-675-6622 X 4752

Naveed Aqeel -- Digital Learning Specialist
416-675-6622 X 5206

For questions regarding Ontario Learn

Sandy Shivratan -- eLearning Co-ordinator
416-675-6622 X 5534

For student questions regarding Blackboard and Online Courses, direct all students to:

Open Learning Center
Room D-225

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Clear Browser Cache

Your Internet browser's cache stores certain information of webpages you visit on your computer or mobile device so that they'll load more quickly upon future visits. However, the stored cache may prevent you from seeing updated content such as when you update Critical Path, the new changes might not reflect upon saving. You can fix many browser problems simply by clearing the cache. See below for help with clearing browser cache:

Google Chrome

For help with clearing browser cache in Google Chrome, go to


For step-by-step instructions on clearing cache in Firefox, go to


For help with clearing cache in Microsoft Edge, follow the instructions at


For help with clearing browsing history in Safari, go to

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Virtual Proctoring

Virtual Proctoring - A Summary

With Virtual Proctoring, eligible online students can now take their online final exam from the comfort of their own home provided that they meet the minimum distance requirement of living more than 100 km away from Humber College. A small fee does apply, depending on the length of the exam; however, virtual proctoring gives our students an easy and flexible alternative as opposed to completing their final exams at another educational institution.

For additional details about virtual proctoring, please view the following video

Eligible students are asked to fill out the Virtual Proctoring form, available at at least 6 weeks prior to their final exam.
Students must have a high speed internet connection and a good quality webcam in order to opt for the Virtual Proctoring option. Exams are supervised in a fully secure environment by a third party located in the greater GTA. The live proctor to student ratio is 1:4

Environment Verification via Video

Using the webcam, a student's immediate surroundings are monitored to ensure that students are taking the exam without any distractions, course notes or other aids. Students are asked use their webcam to take video footage of all corners of their space before the exam begins so that the proctor can validate the student's immediate surroundings. The live proctor checks identification and supervises the entire exam via webcam and with remote access to the student's computer. All virtual proctoring sessions are recorded and archived.

Student Authentication

Students are required to provide at least two forms of appropriate photo ID that corresponds with their registration information once they have logged into the virtual meeting room. If the student has properly registered for the course, the virtual proctor will have the student's name, address and exam details. Visual confirmation of the student is mandatory.

Faculty Requirements

Faculty will be asked to give information stating the exam date, length of time, and an exam password. An exam password is necessary as all virtually proctored exams are done through our Blackboard LMS. Faculty will be required to create/upload their final exam into their Blackboard environment as online assessments under the Assessments tab/menu option. For helpful documents and videos on how to create exams on Blackboard and how to password protect your exam, please refer to the link below.

If you have any questions regarding the setting up of a Virtual Proctoring session, please contact an Open Learning Centre (OLC) Student Support Advisor at 416 675 5049

If you need technical support on uploading your exam, please contact the Waterloo Co-op students at our North (ext. 4744) or Lakeshore (ext. 3288) Studios -- or

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Virtual Proctoring

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