Marketing Frequently Asked Questions

Humber Purchasing will continue to manage the business card program.  Download the business card order form.

"We Are Humber" Business Card

Yes, the photos incorporate cool blue tints to provide a more neutral effect that complements the graphic panels and colours. 

Yes. To insert the graphic panel into your email, go to .  Your email signature should also include Humber’s full name: Humber Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning.

Sample Email Signature
  1. Yes, the WE ARE HUMBER graphic panel can be set in a single solid colour when the need for simplicity exists or when printing is limited to one or two colours.
  2. The preferred treatment is to use a different colour for each panel, creating more differentiation between the words WE ARE and HUMBER.
Two WE ARE HUMBER graphic panels: one with one colour, the other with two.

Yes, the transparency can be adjusted for improved legibility.

We do not have a video brand guide but we have created a PowerPoint presentation (used in the brand information sessions) and the brand guide that launched in August 2013.  These two materials on the Brand Standards page will outline all main elements of our Humber brand. 

Marketing Communications is currently developing a photography guide for you to pass on to your photographer to recreate the same image effects with your own spaces and people.

No, not always.  The aspirational statement in the graphic panel is comprised of various rectangular boxes. The part of the statement that needs emphasizing should be a larger font size.  Typically this is the WE ARE top panel, but not always. 

Modifying the font colour to a contrasting or complementary colour to graphic panel helps connect the statement, i.e. use watermelon and blue. In all forms of advertising, being unique and noticed is a good thing.

The aspirational wording can be customized to your program/school or business unit to relate directly to your target market.  In the brand guide and other materials, it is often referred to as the “graphic panel”.

ITC Franklin Gothic Condensed Family – Demi Condensed and Book Condensed.

The connecting text underneath the graphic panel provides additional supporting detail to the top headline (in the graphic panel). 

  1. The Humber logo can be placed on all Humber-related communications and materials in conjunction with the WE ARE HUMBER graphic panel. Or the logo can be used on its own.
  2. Often “WE ARE HUMBER” is adequate on its own.
  3. When updating your marketing materials, WE ARE HUMBER always replaces the “more for you” tagline.
"more for you" = "WE ARE HUMBER"