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Props/Prep: No
Time: Varies
Audience: Any
Physical: No

Student Liaison Committee (“Ombuddies”) “Ombuddies” or the student liaison committee can be an excellent way of getting feedback from large classes in particular. With this tool, a group of student volunteers act as a liaison between you and the class. The group can meet independently on a regular basis and then periodically meet with you to provide the feedback they have collected from their classmates. This can also be less formal, with the students simply reporting to you questions or concerns as they arise. The class should always know who the volunteers are and should receive regular reports from the “ombuddies” and/or you.

Time requirements: Varies

Materials needed: None

Special features: Using the student liaison strategy for feedback provides safety for your students to express their opinion and give feedback within your course. This is an advantage to waiting for semester student feedback questionnaires.

Procedure: There are two components that make this activity work:
Provide the volunteers with some guidance about how to function as a committee and how to solicit and collect feedback from their peers.

Students should know one another. Ombuddies should be used in highly structured programs or upper-year classes where students are going to be familiar with each other. If a student is reluctant to talk to you about an issue, they will most likely be apprehensive about talking to a fellow student who is a total stranger.

Function in the class: Will increase ownership to what happens in the classroom when students feel like what they think counts.