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Pat on the Back

Pat on the Back

Props/Prep: Yes
Time: 20-30 min
Audience: Any
Physical: Yes

Activity: This affirmation activity is great to use with a group of people who have spent quite a bit of time together and know each other quite well. It is a great way to end a training weekend, or a semester. It is to be used to create a ‘take away’ affirmation card, written by other people about every single individual in the room. It is a ‘feel good’ activity. This is a great way to affirm others in an anonymous way. It is a great way to create a ‘memory’ long after that particular group of people are no longer directly associated with one another, or a great way to help groups of people who have long term commitments affirm and value each other.   

Time Requirements: This game can take anywhere from 20 - 30 minutes depending on how many people are participating. 

Materials needed: 1 “Pat on the Back” card, and 1 marker for every participant of the game. You will also need several rolls of masking tape.    

You will need to print 1 card per person (see second page) on card stock paper. You will also need to provide a thin tipped marker for every participant. Regular pens do not work, and card stock can be pierced with a pen and clothing can be marred. 

Give one card and one pen to every person. Have each person write their name across the top of the card. Have each person use the masking tape to secure their card to their own upper back (they may need to gain assistance from other participants to do this). Once everyone has their cards secured to their backs, you explain that the goal of the activity is to write something affirmative on as many peoples' ‘backs’ as possible. Then say ‘go’. Watch the room and monitor when people have been able to make it to the backs of almost everyone in the room. When you see that some people are finished, call time. Have each participant take the card off their back and read what others wrote.  You will see many smiles. Tell the participants to take this card home, put in on the fridge, or the bathroom mirror and read it when they are feeling down, to remember how many positive attributes others notice in them. 

Function in Class: This activity is a great way to end organized time together as a group.  It is affirming and encouraging and can have a positive effect on the participant for a long time after the event is done.