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    Reimagining the
    Classroom Space
    By design
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    Extreme makeover
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The typical, traditional classroom experience entails students sitting idly at their tables, their bodies confined to a rigid space, and their eyes fixed to the front of the room where an instructor performs as the sole speaker.

These educational experiences lack tactile, multi-modal interaction, and do not support learning through means of heightened sensory experiences, nor do they explore the scope and potential of empirical knowledge as a way to transcend conventional learning.


Centered on creating an environment of teaching & learning excellence, this project converges imagined ideas and spaces with the experiences of the Humber Community. Critical to this initiative are flexible, comfortable features with reliable technology for a more virtual classroom

Through collaboration, community engagement, and a commitment to andragogical methodologies, the aim is to redesign the classroom model into one that engenders a thriving teaching & learning experience.

We invite the Post-Secondary Education Community to participate in this project.

The design of classroom space has a profound influence on student learning...good design cannot turn poor teaching into good teaching, but poor design greatly limits a good teacher's ability to motivate and inspire students.

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Redesigned Classrooms

The redesigned rooms have become brighter and inspiring spaces that provide a warm and inviting atmosphere for students. The classrooms contain easily moveable and functional furniture, are free of physical barriers and offer reliable technology hubs with video and web conferencing capabilities, along with numerous accessible outlets for electronic devices. With a hybrid presentation, discussion and activity space, these classrooms have become more conducive to interactivity and collaboration, reflecting all three design principles.

*Redesigned floor plans to be updated as project progresses.