Humber College Driving Instructor Programs

We can help you become a Driving Instructor.

Firstly you will need a “full” “G” Licence, with a good driving record with no demerit points and the ability to meet the Ministry of Transportation - Ontario (MTO) requirements by obtaining “The Driving Instructor Kit” from DRIVETEST which is the Licence to teach for income in Ontario. This “Kit” has 4 items that must be completed, VSC/Police Clearance, vision test, rules of the road knowledge test and a driving test. Coupled by taking and passing the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario approved Driving Instructor Program here at Humber College will allow DRIVETEST to issue your “Driving Instructor Licence”.

Call CPD at 416-233-0179 to find out when the next open house at the Transportation Training Centre is being held.


In-Car Driving Instructor Program

Humber, in partnership with Canadian Pro Drivers, is pleased to present an in-car driving instructor program that includes: Defensive Driving Course, The Highway Traffic Act Regulations, and Collision Scene Management amongst other things. The program is comprised of an in-car component of up to 45 hours (vehicles supplied by CPD), plus an in-class knowledge-based component of 95 hours. We offer the program during the summer, winter and fall either as a full-time or by completing the two part-time courses consecutively. Either of these courses will get you working in the field as a Driving Instructor.

In-Class Drivers Instructor Program

To round out your driving knowledge-base and fully offer your services, perhaps opening your own driving school, there is a second program that Humber offers to allow you to become qualified to teach the "In-Class" course. This course is open to licensed driving instructors and or graduates of the in-car driving instructor program. This course is taken on a continuous intake basis and you start as soon as payment is received by us. Successful completion of this course certifies driving instructors to deliver the Ministry of Transportation accredited 20-10-10 beginner driver education program. The latest defensive driving techniques are included in the course. Techniques of instruction, teaching aids, curriculum development, as well as tips on marketing your business and operating your driving school are topics covered in this student-oriented course.