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Archibus is CDFM's New Integrated Workplace Management System. Archibus will enable CDFM to provide a wide range of self access services for Humber Staff, Students and Academic professionals. Currently Archibus offers community access to floorplans departmental space information, data and a new more robust work order system. Moving forward CDFM will also be enabling services for Capital project requestors and stakeholders.

What are we changing? Why are we changing? What are the possible disruptions?
  • Facilities work order request form
  • Humber Username login access
  • Client Life cycle tracking of all tickets
  • Access to Campus Floor Plans and Departmental Space information
  • Coming Soon - Request a Capital Project  (Phase 3)
  • Improved interface for clients to support consistency and transparency of CDFM service delivery
  • Enable client side tracking of service tickets
  • Provide client access to facilities space data
  • Improved client communication
  • Clients will need to learn the new forms and functionality
  • new more specific room numbering in certain areas
  • Possible account login password issues Humber Username
  • Coming Soon separate streaming of Capital Project Requests and Demand Maintenance requests (Phase 3 )