Capital Project Updates

Construction Notices

General Parking Update

Daily Parking Lot 5 is now closed. Lot 5 will be used by Metrolinx as the construction staging zone for the Finch West LRT project.

North Campus Construction Zones (No Public Access)

When planning activities, please note there is construction in the areas listed below, public access is limited or not available:

The renovation of classrooms on F Building Second Floor and E Building Third Floor start May 20 with an expected completion date of August 30. The following rooms and spaces are closed to public access:

  • E303
  • F202
  • F203 - WC
  • F204
  • F205
  • F212
  • F220
  • F223
  • F229
  • F230 - WC
  • F231
  • F232
  • F233
  • F235
  • F236
  • Stair FST-12
  • Elevator FE1-2

For any questions please contact :

Shahnawaz Shaikh