Capital Project Updates

Construction Notices

General Parking Update

As of startup on Sept 4 the parking garage will be used only by University of Guelph-Humber Students with parking permits. We are making available 200 spots for the students. This will allow for appropriate time to complete the parking garage and have it fully operational later in the fall semester.  Currently, the hours of operation for the parking garage are 7 am - 7 pm, Monday-Friday, and closed on weekends.

The installation of the parking gates in lots 1, 3 and 13 will be completed over the next 3 weeks. Security guards will be present at each entrance to assist staff and students with permits in entering and exiting these lots. These gates will be fully functioning by Sept 24.

The parking office has been fielding several questions regarding CE Faculty. A limited number of after business hours parking permits will be made available for CE Faculty. These permits will be made available on a first come first serve basis at the current part time parking rate of $88 per semester. The permit will only be operative after 5:00 pm on weekdays. (Weekend parking remains free in all lots at both North and Lakeshore Campus.) All CE Faculty interested in obtaining a permit need to initiate a park admin profile through the MyHumber Parking & Lockers System: .

Any interested CE Faculty should present their name to Rosemarie Gerow Administrative Assistant to the Associate Vice President, Teaching and Learning

The parking staff will then place a reservation for payment on the CE Faculty Humber Park Admin User Account following receipt of name from Rosemarie Gerow. Parking stall will then update the CE Faculty staff photo ID card to allow for parking lot gate access.

In the meantime, over the next 3 weeks, CE Faculty are asked to access lots 1 and 13 where the security guard will allow them to park. Following September 24, those CE Faculty unable to secure the after-hours permit or not wishing to purchase a parking permit will need to park in the visitor lots and pay the visitor rates:

CE Students are required to park in the Visitor Lot: and pay Visitor parking rates (see Daily Rates):


Watermain Replacement - Finch Avenue West and Humber College Blvd.

The City of Toronto will replace the watermain along Finch Avenue West near North Campus beginning mid-August to spring 2019. Humber Capital Development staff have been communicating with City of Toronto staff regarding this project since spring 2018.

Humber has requested that during the school start-up period (first two weeks of September) that all efforts should be considered by the contractor to minimize the traffic impact on Finch Avenue. During this time, work on this project will either stop or shift to evening/night hours allowing for better traffic management. 

However, we should still expect some traffic congestion and lane reductions. There may also be increased dust and noise in the area. Staff and students should consider alternative roads to access the campus.

This project is part of the Council-approved 2018 Capital Works Program to renew aging infrastructure, improve water distribution and reduce the risk of watermain breaks.


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Download finch_ave_and_humber_college_watermain_const_ward_1_1.pdf (510.67 KB)

Parking - Lot 1 Access - North Campus

Due to ongoing construction activities along Arboretum Blvd south of Entrance A, we recommend accessing Parking Lot 1 through Entrance E to minimize traffic delays. 

North Campus Construction Zones (No Public Access)

When planning activities, please note there is construction in the areas listed below, public access is limited or not available:

1) Building NX Envelope Retrofit: Exterior space LRC courtyard closed until December 2018.

2) Non-disruptive exterior works visible Building H until Dec 2018.

3) Centre for Technology Innovation (CTI): Ongoing construction until fall 2018.

4) Parking Structure: Ongoing construction until fall 2018.

North Campus Construction and Parking Update - 2018

Humber has been fortunate to see consistent student enrolment growth and a corresponding institutional commitment to student success. As a result, we are investing in new facilities and spaces for our learners, along with accompanying support services for employees

Construction is ongoing on two major North Campus projects: the new Centre for Technology Innovation (CTI), and a new multi-deck 1000 space parking garage.

Construction on the CTI has resulted in the closure of Parking Lot 3A. 

The new parking garage is located in the area that formerly comprised Parking Lot 2 and the Building W Child Care Centre (demolished March 2017) and will increase the total North Campus parking capacity by approximately 200 spaces. Please note that as a result of construction, there may be traffic congestion on Arboretum Boulevard, especially at entrance A (to/from Humber College Boulevard) and in the areas by Parking Lots 3 and 4. Please allow for additional time when travelling to campus.

Reduced dailyrate and permit overflow parking is available at both the Queen’s Plate and Woodbine Mall parking lots, with a free shuttle to the North Campus running every 15 minutes. Reduced permit parking rates are also available at Woodbine Mall.

Thank you for your ongoing support.