Courier Request Form

Please complete the information below, print it after completion and attach it to your envelope/package in order to send it with a courier.

All courier shipments must be dropped off at the mailroom before the cut off deadlines (2pm for UPS and 11.30am for Same day). For oversize/heavy packages kindly call mailroom once the shipment is ready to be shipped. Oversize packages are deemed at the dimensions of 2ft x 2ftx 2ft and/or 50Lbs.

Tracking a package: If your package is being shipped with UPS you can request a UPS tracking number from mailroom to track it online with and if it is being delivered on a same day delivery basis please call mailroom (4443 for North and 3245 for Lakeshore) to track it.


(Select “Other” at the bottom of the drop-list to enter a custom business unit name and/or room number.)
ex. 0110-0101-0000-11



Shipment Information

E.g., Jan 16 2021
Cutoff time to drop packages: UPS Shipments - 2pm; Same Day/Rush - 11am

You are required to drop your package off by 2pm in order to meet delivery standards.

You are required to drop your package off by 11am in order to meet delivery standards.

Package Information