Bike Share Program

Humber College is excited to join Dropbike to bring an affordable, Canadian bike-share service to campus at Lakeshore and at North Campus. The service is available to all Humber students (18 years of age and older), staff and faculty including our neighbouring community. There are currently 50 bikes available at each Campus for bike pick-up/drop-off locations, known as “Bike Havens” please see the campus maps below:

There are a few things to ensure when using the bike-share service:

Dropbike instructions:

  • Download the Dropbike application for your iOS or Android device.
  • You will have to use a Credit or VISA Debit card to put in a refundable $49 security deposit—this one-time charge stays on your account for as long as you use Dropbike to make sure nothing happens to the bikes. You can request a refund on the app, which will take 5-7 days.
  • After that, using Dropbike is just $1 for trips of up to an hour! That means 10, 30 or 55 minutes is $1, one and a half hours is $2, and so on.
  • You can unlock a bike by scanning its QR code on the app. When you ride, please wear a helmet and follow all applicable laws. To lock a bike, simply drag the physical lever on the lock down until it clicks into place.
  • You must leave dropbikes at Dropbike Havens—these are designated areas marked in your app, and physically marked by yellow tape on the ground or a sticker on a bike rack.

Bike Safety:

  • Under the Highway Traffic Act and other applicable laws, cyclists in Ontario must follow all traffic signs and signals.
  • Riders under 18 are not allowed to use Dropbike (or ride bikes without helmets). Riders over this age aren't required to wear helmets, but Dropbike highly recommends wearing helmets while riding. Cyclists are also not allowed to bike on the sidewalk, but are required to bike on the road (stay on the right side of the right lane to be safe from passing vehicles).
  • Most fundamentally, make sure to 1) provide clear hand signals when you turn or stop, 2) act as a vehicle would (abide by traffic signs, obey traffic signals, stop for pedestrians, etc), and 3) don't ride while you're distracted.
  • Check that the dropbike's reflectors and front white light are working, especially before riding at night. Bikes must always have wheel, spoke and pedal reflectors, if you notice any damages on the bike or feel unsafe while riding, end your ride by locking the bike at a bike post, and contact Dropbike immediately to notify them of the damage.
  • While riding around Humber campuses or on the street, be mindful of vehicles and pedestrians. Cyclists are not allowed on the sidewalk. Stick to the right side of the lane and provide clear hand signals.
  • Please note that gates at parking lots or on the roads do not detect/open for pedestrian and bike traffic—be weary of their opening and closing, and take a detour to ride around them.

Contact information:

If you need any assistance, please call or email Dropbike at 1-855-341-2453 or

You can also reach out to our Public Safety department at 416-675-8500 extension 8500.

If you have a medical emergency, please dial 911.