Staff Permits


  • Employee parking permits are sold for a one-year period, starting in September and expiring at the end of August. 
  • For those who select, and qualify, for Payroll Deduction, the parking permit is automatically renewed annually on September 1st, unless cancelled by the permit holder. 

North Campus

To request a permit in the North Campus Reserved lots 

  • Lot 9
  • Lot 14
  • Lot 15


Holders are guaranteed a spot in their respective lot under normal circumstances.

Holders of an Full-Time Employee permit may park at Humber's North campus in:

  • Lot 1
  • Lot 13

If the lots are full, permit holders must report to the Parking Services Kiosk in Lot 7 for instructions on alternate parking.

Lakeshore Campus

Holders of an Full-Time Employee permit at the Lakeshore Campus may park in the:

  • West parking lot
  • Humber Centre for Justice Leadership
  • Humber Arts and Media Studios
  • Humber Fashion Institute. 

Employee parking permits grant parking privileges at both North and Lakeshore Campuses. 

Part Time Employee Parking Permits

North Campus

We are pleased to offer several parking options available for part time staff/faculty.  A permit may be purchased for one of the following lot locations on a per semester basis:

Lots Price per semester
North Campus Lot 2 $88.00
North Campus Lot 1 and 13 $ 176.00
Queen’s Plate Lot $88.00
* Note that this option includes shuttle services to and from the campus every 15 minutes, between the hours of 6:45 am – 8 pm,  Monday to Friday

An additional option available for part time staff/faculty is daily parking at one of the campus pay on exit lots identified below:

Lots Rate
North Campus Lot 4,5,6,8,10 $ 4.00 < 4 hours

Part-Time Staff Parking Permit Holders at Lakeshore Campus are permitted to park in:

  • Lakeshore West Parking
  • Humber Centre for Justice Leadership

The cost for a Lakeshore Part-Time Permit is $88 per semester.  

If you would like to purchase a part time parking permit, you can register online and make payment via credit card by visiting , under the “Services” tab.

For parking related inquiries, please visit or email us at

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