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Infographic Description

Welcome to the HIVES

  • You can eat and drink, but please be careful.
    • Napkins
    • Lids
    • Take garbage with you (recycling and garbage cans outside in hall)
  • In order to connect to HIVE screens, your device needs a standards HDMI port or you need a dongle (adapter) that plugs into your device and has a standard HDMI port.
  • Your device’s screen will only be displayed on your table’s screen if you tell it to. You do that by pushing the lit up green button.
  • You will not get sound on your table screen unless the teacher’s screen is turned off.
  • Working in groups can make learning more fun, engaging and effective but it requires hard work and focus. Make a commitment to yourself to minimize distractions and stay on task this term.
  • You can write on the white boards with brand name markers. There will be some in the HIVES to use. <strong>Don’t forget to return the markers!</strong>

This classroom may seem awkward or strange to some of you, and not what you were expecting in college. The design is based on the latest research on teaching and learning, and offers many opportunities to experiment.

So keep your mind open!

How can we make the space work for our classroom community?

Adapted from Nicola Winstanley’s infographic.