Need some quick study tips? Sharpening your study skills can help you make the grade. Attend one of our in-class workshops or watch our quick, fun and interactive videos!

Video workshops:

  • Study Skills
    • Introduction & Assessing your Study Skills
    • Preparing for Exam Day!
    • Top 7 Study Tips
    • Performance Curve & When you Study
    • Studying & the Curve of Forgetting
  • Time Management
    • Assessing your Time Management
    • Time Wasters
    • 8 Hour Model
    • Performance Curve
    • Top 10 Tips
  • Presentation Skills
    • Self Assessment
    • Non-Verbal Techniques
    • Engaging your Audience
    • Organizing your Presentation Content
    • Dealing with Audience Questions
  • Tips for Success
    • Top 10 Tips

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In-class workshops:

  • Time Management
  • Study Skills
  • The Art of Note Taking
  • Exam & Test Writing Skills
  • Memory and Concentration
  • Presentation Skills
  • Stress Management
  • Effective Reading
  • Managing Your Money
  • Cite it Right: APA
  • Ready, Set, Research
  • Group Dynamics

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Workshops are 50 minutes in length and FREE to attend. No need to register, just drop in.

For the full monthly calendar of all workshops, visit us in the Peer Assisted Learning Support Office (3rd Floor, LRC, North Campus) or WEL 207 (Lakeshore Campus)


Assignment Calculator

A great tool to help guide you from start to finish.

Students can choose the type of assignment they are working on from a drop-down menu, indicate the assignment due date, and then the calculator will provide a step by step guideline to completing the assignment on time.

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