Welcome to PALS Note Taking Services

Peer Assisted Learning Support (PALS) offers students access to note taking services as an academic accommodation.  Note taking is designed to supplement the notes that students take themselves, in class. Our unique note taking service provides note creation by professional note takers. Students audio record classes using a cell phone, tablet, digital recorder, laptop or other device and upload the audio files to their secure account with the service provider.  The service creates notes within 72 hours and make them available on the students’ secure account for download.

  • Am I Eligible for Note Taking Services?  Students must be registered with Accessible Learning Services (ALS)
  • Students who have note taking indicated on their accommodation letter are eligible for this service.

I’m new to Note Taking Services

  • Meet with your Accessible Learning Consultant
  • Confirm eligibility for note taking
  • Submit a Note Taking Services Request Form
  • Attend a Registration Session (dates and times will be emailed to you)

I’m returning to Note Taking Services

*Please note: a new request is required each academic year (fall startup)