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As a Peer Tutor you have the opportunity to work with students, gain leadership skills, and enhance your own learning.

You can apply to tutor one-on-one, work in the math, writing or accounting centres, and/or in a lab setting.

As a Peer Tutor you will be providing one-on-one assistance for students having difficulty with specific courses.  You will help students practice and review previously taught material, identify and address areas of difficulty and provide helpful study and time management tips.

We also now offer the opportunity to become a Certified Peer Tutor through the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA).

To view more details about the qualifications, roles and responsibilities, communication, ethics and code of conduct, and remuneration, please view the following job postings:

One on One Peer Tutor - Job Descriptipn
Learning Center Peer Tutor - Job Description


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