Accessibility Innovation in Media and Creative Arts
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Summarize Your Understanding

To summarize your learning, here are questions about all 6 modules. Select the answer from the options for each question. More than one answer may apply. Correct answers will appear with a checkmark and incorrect answers will appear with an X.

1. Ableism is defined as:

Question 1 Right answer: B, C, D

2. Which forms of art does Christine Sun Kim practice?

Question 2 Right answer: Drawing, Painting, Performance

3. What percentage of films are captioned at the ReelAbilities Film Festival?

Question 3 Right answer: 100%

4. Described video and live captions are the same thing.

Question 4 Right answer: False

5. Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel have a built-in Accessibility Checker. What does this tool do?

Question 5 Right answer: D

6. What is simple text live captioning?

Question 6 Right answer: C