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At Humber College, you are required to wear the proper riding gear when you are on a moving motorcycle or one with the engine running.

If you do not have the proper riding gear, you will not be permitted to participate in the course.

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A DOT-approved Helmet

There are 4 types of helmets acceptable for motorcycle riding. Full-face, Modular (flip), Half and Shorty styles. Helmets must be in good condition and meet at least one of the following safety requirements: DOT, SNELL or ECE 22.05. For further details:

Riding jacket

Please wear motorcycle-specific or rugged jackets made of leather, synthetic material, mesh or denim. Avoid wearing nylon, lightweight cotton, sweatshirts, sleeveless jackets or vests.

Your jacket must fit properly, cover the waist and wrists, and you must be able to do it up.

Riding pants

Jeans (denim) or motorcycle-specific pants made of leather, synthetic material, mesh or denim. Pants may not have holes or show any exposing skin.


Motorcycle-specific or rugged gloves made of leather or synthetic materials. No fingerless gloves or driving gloves with cut-out knuckles.

You can use inexpensive work or gardening gloves, provided they are made of leather. Gloves must cover the wrists.

Riding Boots

Motorcycle-specific or rugged boots made of leather or synthetic materials. Running shoes and Blundstones are not acceptable. Steel-toed work boots (although not the best long term solution) ARE acceptable. Boots must cover the ankles and should have rubber or high-traction soles.

Eye Protection

We strongly recommend to wear eye protection, but it isn't mandatory.

Rain and cold-weather gear

If you don't bring it, it will rain. Motorcycle-specific raingear is best since it will not allow water through in the wind, and won't 'billow' out and get caught in the bike.

Fishing raingear is okay if it's fitted. In the Spring and Fall, be prepared for cold weather.


Bring a water bottle in warm weather.