Smoking Policy

Effective Date: April 2, 2009
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To promote a smoke free learning and working environment for the college community in accordance with the Smoke-Free Ontario Act, 1994 .


This policy applies to every student, employee, leasehold tenant, contractor, visitor and other person, at all times, while on College property.


College Property:  Any real property, including grounds and buildings, structures and facilities, which are owned or leased, or used under the aegis of the College. This includes any vehicle used by the College, and all College Residences.

Enclosed Public Space:  The inside of any place, building or structure or vehicle or conveyance or a part of any of them that is covered by a roof and to which the public is ordinarily invited or permitted access, either expressly or by implication, whether or not a fee is charged for entry.


1. Smoking is prohibited in any Enclosed Public Space or any Enclosed Workplace including:

• inside any College building, structure or facility, or any part of them, including the Student Residences;
• in any college vehicle, and / or;
• under any structure or facility, or any part of them, covered by a roof or other structure providing an overhead covering, including an awning, overhang etc., and more than two walls.

2. Smoking will not be permitted at any outdoor location within a radial distance of 9 meters from any doorway, entrance, or exit from any College building with the exception of a designated outdoor smoking area outside LINX, North Campus.

3. Non-smoking signs will be placed at all entrances identifying the policy.

4. Members of the Humber community are expected to ask smokers to comply with the policy. It is not expected that any staff, faculty or students place themselves in jeopardy, and may contact Public Safety if feeling unsure about enforcing this policy.

5. Those that do not comply with this policy may be subject to disciplinary actions.


Smoke-Free Ontario Act, 1994

Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1990

Humber Occupational Health and Safety Policy