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Collaboration with AMD to build animated character

After collaborating with industry partner AMD, Humber 3D Animation, Art and Design students are working on their applied research project to develop an animated character.


“The aim of this project was to create some animation in an environment that will show off some tech from AMD, which was basically the hair that goes onto this character that we were working with,” said Matt Cook, a 3D Animation, Art and Design student.


The project wasn’t one without lessons, however. Jacob Cattapan, a 3D Art and Design student discovered that to help build an animated character, there was a technical aspect that he had to learn. “They were using their own proprietary engine system to actually create the images and I’d never worked with anything like it before, so that was really interesting, like a big learning curve,” Cattapan said.


The students’ eagerness to learn stood out to Sean Skelton, who does research and development for AMD. He was impressed by their enthusiasm. “They really stepped up to the plate and worked really hard to get what needed to be done, done,” Skelton said. “They went above and beyond what was required of them.”


Working on the project gave the students involved industry experience as well as industry connections. “They got to know a bit about how the workflow is, and the pipeline of creating an asset and bringing it in, getting feedback,” said Ryan Mayne, a 3D Game Developing Technician for AMD and Humber alumni. “They delivered on the assets as promised. It was the quality we expected – actually better quality than we expected.”


Cattapan reiterated Mayne’s point by reflecting on his skills before working on the project compared to after. He learned that there is an aspect to game development that he didn’t know about until he was actually working in the field. “It’s just a lot of professional stuff that I wasn’t doing before. The stuff I was doing was working, but it wasn’t the standard,” Cattapan said. “So I learned a lot of that during the project.”


Skelton was happy with the scene and the animations as a final result, as the character was brought to life in a way that exceeded expectations. “We enjoyed the collaboration that we had, and we look forward to pursuing further collaboration with Humber,” Skelton said.


Research team:

Faculty: Cory Avery
Students: Jacob Cattapan, Matt Cook, Saul Garcia
Partner: Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD)