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Appseed advanced feature development

Abstract: AppSeed Studios Inc. is a startup company created by faculty members Greg Goralski, Adam Leon, and Andrew Dertinger. The company’s innovative technology allows users to easily and accurately turn hand-drawn sketches into interactive app prototypes using computer vision. The app identifies enclosed spaces on a sketch and allows users to turn them into buttons, maps, or other elements and input text. AppSeed worked with a team of Web Design and Interactive Media students to develop the user experience and user interface of the application, which was released in the Apple iTunes store in March.
Researcher: George Paravantes
Project Completion Date: Sep 30, 2014

Usability of Fresh City website and online shopping cart

Abstract: A team of Web Development and Multimedia Design and Development students worked with Fresh City Farms to determine whether there are any barriers to buying products through the Fresh City Farms website. After performing a content audit of the site and collecting and analyzing user card sorting data, the students prepared a report on the usability of the site. The results showed that new users would benefit from a more simplistic process, and Fresh City plans to implement the recommended changes in the coming year.
Researcher: Bernie Monette
Project Completion Date: Mar 16, 2016

Abstract: Working with Humber students and faculty, RHSP Consulting is developing a workforce-planning application called EasyFTE to service the telecom/contact centre industry, targeting business planners, analysts, and managers. EasyFTE will provide a cost- and user-friendly platform to calculate and understand high level FTE (full-time equivalent) staff requirements. To date, a team of Information Technology students has built a working beta version of the application, including account creation and authentication, responsive design, and analytics. The team will continue to build out the full application next year.
Researcher: Nithyakalyani Thayananthan
Project Completion Date: Apr 16, 2016

Cricket Hero online game proof of concept

Abstract: Humber Information Technology Solutions students worked with Livera Sports Inc. to build a proof-of-concept fantasy cricket web platform, Cricket Hero. Cricket Hero will be a unique and innovative website that allows players to play year-round against each other with accompanying content and analytics to provide a full-service fantasy cricket experience. The students have designed and developed the databases of the site in phase 1 and Livera Sports will work with another team of students to develop the front-end of the platform as phase 2.
Researcher: Razieh Niazi
Project Completion Date: Apr 16, 2016

Talkabit app development

Abstract: Faculty lead Andrew Ainsworth and his students have developed Talkabit, a mobile application designed to enhance digital interaction between students using self-recorded, time-limited video on smart phones. The aim of the app is to facilitate active discussion of course content and increase social presence and engagement online by facilitating a timed back-and-forth conversation between two students. The videos can also be stitched together and shared with others.
Researcher: Andrew Ainsworth
Project Completion Date: May 31, 2015

Beyond Compliance: A student-centered study on accessible and inclusive video captioning

Abstract: Faculty members Hillary Rexe and Anne Zbitnew worked with a group of students from the Media Foundation program to determine how best to make video content in their courses universally inclusive and accessible. Two workshops, which were created and facilitated by Charles Silverman, a co-investigator from Ryerson School of Disability Studies, took place at Humber in March 2016. The workshops introduced participants to captioning video for inclusive design. The students learned about captioning history and grammar and experimented with software. Film and Television students Alex Valliancourt and Julian Zakrzewski made a video that documented the workshops. The investigation explored how learning to caption video affected the students’ perception of the importance of inclusive video content, and their responses will support further inquiry into accessible and inclusive design.
Researcher: Hillary Rexe
Project Completion Date: Apr 16, 2016

Prototype and validation of an app to connect alumni to employment via professors

Abstract: Faculty member Greg Goralski and his team of students collaborated with Nascent Digital to design, develop, and validate a prototype app that will connect Humber alumni with industry opportunities using the social connections that they made while studying at Humber. The app is intended to be a way that alumni privately signal to their professors and trusted colleagues that they are ready for a new position or are available for mentoring. This allows professors to connect interested alumni to industry opportunities beyond entry level positions and reinforces the bond between Humber and alumni.
Researcher: Greg Goralski
Project Completion Date: Jun 30, 2015


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