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Live on campus in Residence and find a whole new world! Study hard, play hard, make friends, stay up late and get involved. Humber Residences - your launching pad for discovering what you are all about.


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RT @HumberBusiness: Don't forget to join @HumberLGBTQ tomorrow for the first meeting of the semester! http://t.co/u8NibI1jxH
@SabrinaJalees is at Humber next thurs at 7PM - free event!! Sponsored by @HumberLGBTQ Be there!! http://t.co/K2PJpMqBBJ
RT @ELCultureDays: Our first #CultureDays activity starts at noon! Check out the entire list: http://t.co/CDDlXcVsJU #free #art #games #swi