“Reflective practice is a dialogue of thinking and doing through which I become more skillful.”
— Donald Schon

Going digital with Humber’s SFQ process provides both students and faculty with a number of opportunities and benefits:

Firstly, having access to both immediate and longitudinal data will allow faculty to further engage in reflective practice and in doing so, will allow faculty to make data informed decisions about their teaching practice. This data will give faculty new insights on how to influence and improve the student learning experience.

Secondly, a digital platform increases the level of access we provide to our students. Our mission is to give voice to all our students.

A further benefit of going digital with the SFQ is that it supports the development of digital competencies for both students and faculty as articulated in the Academic Plan and the Digital Learning Plan.

Finally, this platform supports our vision and mission to be responsible and sustainable members of our global community. Going digital will save hundreds and hundreds of trees per term.

This platform allows us to take one more giant step towards a more sustainable future.

Overall, it demonstrates our commitment to a learner-centred approach to teaching & learning.

We look forward to sharing our collective progress as we work towards these goals together.