Stage 1: Data Verification

2 weeks prior to Semester start-up

  • Course & instructor verification;
  • Database upload;
  • Testing;
  • Connect with school schedules.
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Stage 2: Workshops

Beginning week 3

  • Professional development & technical training workshops and drop-in sessions begin;
  • School visits upon request
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Stage 3: Question Personalization (QP)

Begins approximately 7 days prior to the SFQ launch

  • Automated email notifications are sent to faculty;
  • Check SFQ website for your SFQ launch date;
  • Create up to 3 personalized questions.
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Stage 4: SFQ Launch

SFQs are made available at 65-70% of course completion

  • Email notifications sent to students;
  • Faculty enables SFQ tool in Blackboard;
  • Check SFQ website for your SFQ launch date.
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Stage 5: SFQ Availability

SFQs available for 1-3 weeks depending on course length

  • Automated reminders sent to students & faculty;
  • Faculty response rate check-in;
  • Ongoing email communication.
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Stage 6: SFQ Closes

Roughly 1 week before course end date

  • SFQ Closes at approximately the 90%course mark;
  • Dates vary based on length of course.
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Stage 7: Reports

  • SFQ Reports released after all SFQs have been closed, grades have been submitted, and the project has closed.
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Stage 8: Evaluate, Review, Modify

  • Evaluate successes and challenges with latest deployment with all stakeholders;
  • Apply changes & modifications.
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