Our Commitment to Sustainability

This year's Showcase has made a commitment to sustainable practices. In support of this, we are asking participants to:

Bring their own notepad

By bringing your own notepad, we will collectively save 3.5 trees!

Bring their own water bottle

By bringing your reusable water bottle, we will decrease the demand for single-serve bottled water. This is the equivalent amount of energy needed to illuminate 10 Canadian houses for 1 day!

Conference Theme

Welcome to Showcase 2018! This year’s theme is Pulse, reflecting the energy and dynamic environment of the Humber community. This inspiring event will showcase the work of Humber staff and faculty who every day in their work stay OnThePulse of what is new and innovative in post-secondary education. The pulse of Humber reflects our commitment to learning, innovation and student success.

Come learn, be inspired and energized by Humber’s Pulse!

Save the Dates

April 16, 2018: Call for Proposals Open true 04/16/2018 12:00 AM America/Toronto Showcase 2018: Call for Proposals Open
May 9, 2018: Call for Proposals Close true 05/09/2018 12:00 AM America/Toronto Showcase 2018: Call for Proposals Close
May 16, 2018: Registration Opens true 05/16/2018 12:00 AM America/Toronto Showcase 2018: Registration Opens
June 3, 2018: Registration Closes true 06/03/2018 12:00 AM America/Toronto Showcase 2018: Registration Closes
June 7, 2018: Showcase 06/07/2018 7:30 AM 06/07/2018 06:00 PM America/Toronto Showcase 2018 Humber College - Lakeshore Campus

Keynote Presentation

Footprints in the Snow

Photo of Gabrielle Scrimshaw

Because Gabrielle is First Nations, she was born with some daunting numbers stacked against her. In the face of these raw circumstances, she worked hard to follow her heart. She became the youngest Associate in one of Canada’s most competitive finance programs, was the first in her family to complete post-secondary education, started a national organization for Aboriginal Professionals, and became a Gleitsman Fellow at Harvard University. In her inspirational talk, Gabrielle discusses how educational leaders put her on this path, her reflections on reconciliation in Canada's education system, and how ‘each step we make is a responsibility to those that follow.’

Meet Our Keynote

Gabrielle Scrimshaw

Indigenous Entrepreneur, Activist, Speaker

Photo of Gabrielle Scrimshaw

Gabrielle is an indigenous professional with a passion for creating social impact. She has an MBA from Stanford and is a Gleitsman Fellow at the Center for Public Leadership at Harvard University. Gabrielle is a regular contributor for Canada's largest national media outlets, and has been profiled by the New York Times, Forbes, Globe & Mail, among others.

Growing up in a town of 800 people, Gabrielle was raised in a single parent household and is a proud member of the Hatchet Lake First Nation. A first generation student, she was named "One of 3 Young Aboriginal Canadians to Watch" by the Huffington Post. Over the past decade she has studied international business and policy across 6 continents. In 2010, Gabrielle became the youngest Associate accepted into one of Canada's most competitive post-graduate finance programs. Gabrielle is the Co-Founder the Aboriginal Professional Association of Canada, a non-profit organization now considered a global thought leader in indigenous leadership.

Showcase Schedule at a Glance




7:30 a.m. – 8:15 a.m. A170 Breakfast and Sign-In
8:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. Auditorium (A128) Opening, Innovation Awards, and Keynote
10:45 a.m. – 11:45 a.m. Check schedule page for session details Workshop 1 (1 hour)
12:00 p.m. – 12:30 p.m. Check schedule page for session details Workshop 2 (30 minutes)
12:30 p.m. – 1:45 p.m. L Commons Marketplace & Lunch
1:45 p.m. – 2:45 p.m. Check schedule page for session details Workshop 3 (1 hour)
3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. Check schedule page for session details Workshop 4 (1 hour)
4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. L Commons Research Posters & Après

See you there!

Lakeshore Campus
2 Colonel Samuel Smith Park Drive
Toronto, Ontario M8V 4B6