What does Humber do with KPI ratings?

Humber uses KPI data to inform decision-making and resource allocation.  Reviewing and analyzing our results on the KPIs allows Humber to assess the extent to which we are meeting our overall goals for students, graduates and employers.  The data also provides an opportunity to identify and celebrate the areas in which we are doing well, and to better understand those areas in which we can invest to do better.

To view KPI results from across the Province, click HERE

How is KPI data analyzed?

The Strategic Planning & Institutional Analysis unit at Humber is responsible for the analysis of KPI data.  Institutional Analysis/Research publishes annual KPI results, but also works to identify trends over time, benchmark against comparator colleges and supplement findings with other data as necessary.  We work with academic schools and student service areas to review data to ensure that improvement strategies/interventions are targeted appropriately.

What are the questions asked in the KPI surveys?

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How and when is the Student Satisfaction survey conducted?

The Student Satisfaction survey is a paper-based survey completed in-class, in February of each year, by colleges across the province.  The results are then compiled by the external survey consultant firm CCI Research, contracted by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU).

How and when are graduates contacted for the Graduate Employment & Satisfaction survey?

Every year students graduate from their program in either Summer, Fall or Winter.  Six months after graduation, students are surveyed by phone by Forum Research, an external consulting firm contracted by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU).

What employers are contacted for the Employer Satisfaction survey?

As part of the Graduate Employment & Satisfaction survey, students are asked by the external consulting firm Forum Research for permission to contact their direct supervisor.  If granted permission, Forum Research will make every effort to contact the student's employer to determine their level of satisfaction.  Employers will not be contacted without a student's consent.  The purpose of the employer satisfaction survey is to assess the performance of the College, NOT the student.

How is the Graduation Rate calculated?

The Graduation Rate is calculated annually by the college, and includes students who graduated within a window of approximately twice the program length.

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What are OSAP Performance Indicators?

The Ontario Student Loan Application Performance Indicators provide students with information regarding graduate employment rate, graduation rates for eligible postsecondary education programs, and Ontario Student Loan default rates.

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