Humber's future is your future.

Following our planning consultations with you last fall, Humber's new vision, mission and values, and the road map to our future have been under construction. 

Below is a summary of the most common feedback we received from our students during the consultations and how Humber has responded. As you review our responses, know that our 2018-23 strategic plan focuses on where we want to go as an institution and what sets us apart from other postsecondary institutions. 


What we heard from you:

“Internships and networking with employers are the top priorities for us. Internships offer us the experience we need to be prepared for the labour market. Opportunities to connect with employers widen our possibilities for job obtainment.”

“It is important that the skills and knowledge we are taught in the classroom are connected to what employers need in their workforce. Our professors must be well informed about their sector’s directions and needs and help us to develop the required competencies for our fields, including technological ones, but also the skills to sell ourselves to these employers.”

“We need the curriculum to be delivered using technology and to incorporate practical exercises.”

How we are responding:

The development of career-focused education is Humber’s priority.

Our strategic plan will identify strategies to ensure that our Humber students are well prepared for the workforce. This includes teaching employability skills, using technology, offering work integrated learning and programs that meet labour market needs.

A consultation is currently underway on the development of institutional learning outcomes that will guide the skills and knowledge Humber teaches its students. Faculty and staff are also deliberating on how to further the incorporation of technology into the classroom.


What we heard from you:

“A school-social life balance is important to us. We need more opportunities to socialize and build a peer support network.”

“The additional life stresses that studying brings means we also need support services to assist us in managing and accessing services, particularly mental health counselling and financial aid services.”

“It is important that these services and opportunities exist and that we know about them and where to access them.”

How we are responding

The health and wellbeing of our students is a high priority for Humber.

In the planning discussions, faculty and staff are discussing strategies to approach student wellbeing holistically, which includes opportunities for social engagement, access to proactive and reactive health-related services, including counselling services and financial services/assistance.

Faculty and staff are re-evaluating our student communications mechanisms so that our students know what services we offer and where to find them. 


What we heard from you:

“Campus infrastructure and technology is an essential element of our campus experience. We need spaces where we can socialize, network, eat, work out, park our cars and undertake our schoolwork. This requires access to physical spaces as well as to technology.”

How we are responding: 

Humber is committed to providing quality infrastructure to support our student experience.

Currently, Humber’s infrastructure development priority is investing in its Centres of Innovation that connect students with industry and community, provide practical learning and applied research opportunities. These buildings will contain common areas for socializing and more computer and network connectivity, including digital interactive platforms.

Humber is developing additional parking at both the North and Lakeshore campuses. At North, we are erecting a multi-deck parking garage that will accommodate 1000 cars and we plan to open it this summer (2018). At Lakeshore, we are building a 350-car parking lot at Birmingham St. and Eighth, with plans to open it in the spring of 2019.

As we develop our health and wellness strategy and other strategic planning key initiatives, we will revisit our infrastructure plans and priorities at all our campuses and Carrier Drive to ensure they align.

What more details? Check out the: 

  • REPORT made at Humber College's Strategic Planning Town Halls to see where Humber is headed and how we responded to our students' voices. This report is also available in a one page document.
  • REPORTS from the consultation sessions held at our three campuses and Carrier Drive location on October 2, 3, 4 & 11 and from our October 2017 student survey.

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