Where are the best bus stops? Where can I join the Gym? Where is my classroom?

You are not alone! We have you covered.

As an FYE participant, you’ll get a Humber Peer Mentor – an upper year student who will help you:

  • Find your classes
  • Answer questions about campus life
  • Direct you to campus services, supports, cafeterias, fitness centres, best study spots! etc..
  • They will check-in regularly and let you know when events are happening and how to join.
  • And just be there! Sometimes it's just nice to know you have someone in your corner :)

How to get a Humber Peer Mentor?

All you have to do is register with FYE! (Its Free!)
Once submitted, a Humber Peer Mentor will connect with you and help guide you through your Humber experience.