What is a Chaplain?

The Chaplaincy can offer you a safe place to listen, explore and experience faith in a context that is geared toward the inquiring mind and the open heart.

What we do:

The Humber College Chaplain serves the spiritual needs of students. Everyone has a spiritual viewpoint that informs and impacts all aspects of life, so the Chaplain is available to provide spiritual counselling for students. Sometimes, just having someone to talk with helps.

There are many faiths represented on a college campus, so an Interfaith Chaplaincy service is offered by Humber College. The Chaplain can help students to relate to and interact with the persons and needs of different faith backgrounds by providing counselling, coordination, facilitation and referral. For instance, if a student is seeking a place of worship or contact with or counsel from a specific faith group, the Chaplain can provide assistance.

Prayer Room:

The Chaplain monitors and supervises the use of the Multifaith Centre, which is provided to the students by Humber College. The Centre on each campus is an Interfaith space that requires showing respect for one another and for varying customs in using the facilities. Humber College has policies which govern such use so that fair consideration can be given to all.

About the College Chaplain:

Chaplain Len Thomas
Chaplain Len Thomas

Chaplain Len Thomas was born in Orillia, Ontario. Gordon Lightfoot, as a boy, once caddied for my Dad who liked to golf. I’ve lived in several places in Ontario including Sudbury, North Bay, Brampton twice, Kitchener, Waterloo and now Mississauga, plus in St. John’s Newfoundland and loved to play hockey. Graduated from Hamilton College (now “University”) in Clinton, New York and later from Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary (now “and College”) near Calgary, Alberta, and was ordained to ministry that same year. Two former chaplains at Humber College were from the same church background, Rev. James Glidewell and Dr. Randy Gallaway, the latter whom I sometimes helped, while doing some contract computer programming work at Humber College then. Monique Rouimy, a former military chaplain, was Humber Chaplain prior to me. I served as a chaplain with truck drivers from 1998 to 2013 and became Humber College Chaplain in 2002 at both North and Lakeshore campuses.

Summer office hours: The Chaplain is not scheduled to be on campus from mid-May until mid-September.