Welcome to the North Campus Multi-Faith Centre

Multi-Faith Centre North Campus
Multi-Faith Centre LRC 2111

In 2015 Humber College opened the doors to the new multi-faith centre on the North campus. This space is intended to be used for quiet prayer and reflection and medium sized gatherings. We are hopeful that the space becomes a place of discovery and learning in the coming months as we transition from prayer space to a multifaith centre where interfaith dialogue is encouraged.

Student groups are encouraged to use the space. If you have an idea for interfaith event or activity, contact the College Chaplain, Len Thomas, or come by the Student Life office also on the second floor of the LRC building.

In 2016, the Lakeshore campus will also open a multifaith centre in the new Welcome Centre. This is in addition to the current prayer space which is currently available in H building LAKESHORE CAMPUS PRAYER ROOM HB102.