Accessibility Consultants work with students to determine academic accommodations based on disability-related needs, the program requirements and documentation. 

Students are not required to disclose their diagnosis to Accessible Learning Services in order to receive accommodations.  However, students are usually asked to provide documentation outlining the functional impact of their disability. 

Accommodations are provided to students with both temporary and permanent disabilities.

Students who are in the process of being assessed by a health care provider are eligible to receive interim accommodations.

Documentation is helpful to determine the most appropriate accommodations.  

Depending on the accommodation need, our office may ask for additional, updated, or more specific documentation. You may wish to take our Medical Report Form to your doctor to be filled out. 

Individual Educational Plan (IEP)

Students who provide a copy of their IEP are eligible to receive some academic accommodations at Humber and Guelph-Humber. Depending on the accommodation needs and the program requirements. Accessibility Consultants may encourage students to obtain additional documentation. 

OSAP Documentation

The Ontario Students Assistance Program (OSAP) provides some financial aid for students with disabilities. In order to access this funding, students may be required to provide additional/specific documentation. Students are encouraged to discuss this with their Accessibility Consultant.