As an institution of higher learning, the diversity of our student body should at all times be recognized as an enriching factor. It is of the utmost importance that we ensure the courses we develop and ultimately the programs we offer facilitate inclusive learning environments.

Despite the best effort of the institution to facilitate inclusive learning environments, students with disabilities may encounter barriers as a result of course and/or program design. This section is intended to be a resource for faculty and academic administrators. These guidelines inform the process of reviewing accommodation requests and determining the most effective way to implement academic accommodations.

The staff in Accessible Learning Services (ALS) aim to work with students to identify barriers and develop an accommodation plan based on our expertise in the area of disability and higher education. We look to faculty to be the content experts. When barriers are identified, we proactively collaborate with faculty to ensure that appropriate accommodations are implemented in a manner that upholds academic integrity. 

Faculty Videos – An Introduction to Academic Accommodations

Faculty Web Portal – Retrieve Accommodation Letters Here

Access – An Institutional Responsibility

Defining Accommodation and Essential Requirements

Process for Identifying Disability-Related Barriers and Accommodations

Academic Accommodations Glossary

Guides for Specific Academic Accommodations

     Accommodating Student Absences

     Extensions as an Accommodation

     Memory Aid as an Accommodation

     Note Taking Services

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Faculty FAQ’s

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