» If you want to start birth control pills, the Evra patch or Nuva ring, you will need to make an appointment to see the doctor to get a prescription and have your annual physical and pap. You will also need to see the nurse for counselling on how to use the birth control pill, Evra patch or Nuva ring and discuss possible side-effects, risks and benefits.

» If you are already on the birth control pill, the Evra patch or Nuva ring you will need to speak to one of the medical secretaries who will arrange a short meeting with one of our nurses who will assess your needs. Book an appointment with our clinic doctor to get a prescription. We are unable to fill prescriptions from outside doctors or nurse practitioners.You will need to provide documentation of a physical and pap and swabs results for chlamydia and gonorrhea within the past year. If you do not have this documentation, we can request it from your family doctor after you sign a Consent for Release of Information.

Purchasing birth control

Once you have seen the doctor and received your prescription, you can pick up your birth control product at the local pharmacy.

The personal information you provide for getting your birth control product will remain confidential and will be handled according to the Personal Health Information Act (PHIPA).