We have a dual Level 2 Electric Vehicle (EV) parking charging station at the Lakeshore Campus Welcome Centre underground parking area. Two spaces available to charge your EV while you are on campus! Here's the low-down on how to use them: 

  • Parking and charging are FREE! You can park in the spot for free, and the energy to charge is also free. 
  • EV charging is available Monday-Friday 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Saturday-Sunday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • You don't need to reserve the spaces, just head to the Welcome Centre underground parking, park in one of the spots and plug in! 
  • There is a 4 hour time limit. Please respect this, and move your vehicle within 4 hours to a paid spot (either permit or paid visitor parking) so that someone else can top up their vehicle's battery
  • These two spots are open to all Humber students, staff, faculty AND the community. Spread the word!


Q: "This is great! What about EV charging stations at the North Campus?!?!"  

A: We are planning to install EV charging stations at the North Campus in our new parking garage during the late spring 2018. 

Q: "How will these spaces be managed? What if they are empty all the time, it's hard enough to park on campus? What if they are full all the time, I can never get in to charge!"

A: The first few months will help us understand the usage of these spaces. Humber Public Safety and the Office of Sustainability will be monitoring the spaces. If they are mostly empty, we'll find a way to have them used as needed, and if they are full all the time then we'll hurry up and get installing more charging stations on campus! To start we will be monitoring it and on any EVs that spend more than 4 hours in the spaces, they will get a notification.