"Fairtrade is about better prices, decent working conditions and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers" (Fairtrade Canada). Look for their logo to be sure what you are buying is Fairtrade.



Fairtrade Campus Program at Humber College

See what we have recently accomplished at Humber College through our Fairtrade program: 

In January 2017, Humber College, through the Office of Sustainability, took the initiative to make Fairtrade food products much more widely accessible throughout our Lakeshore and North Campuses. We also took an increased initiative to strengthen our engagement and educational programs on the Fair Trade movement. 

In the Summer of 2017, we created a Fairtrade Campus program Steering Committee in order to effectively integrate Fairtrade on campus and in partnership with different departments.

The following video was filmed at our Lakeshore Campus during Fairtrade Campus Week 2017:



Some of the many benefits of Fairtrade products are: 

  • Farmer-owned cooperatives invest in community health programs and build roads and schools

  • Farmers are encouraged to adopt environmentally-friendly practices including organic farming

  • Fairtrade shifts power to cooperatives and farmers, who negotiate on their own terms

  • Farmers are ensured a fair and stable price for their products


You can find Fairtrade coffee and Fairtrade Numi tea on campus at:

  • North Campus: Gourmet Express, Java Jazz, Guelph-Humber (GH) Cafe, LRC Cart (3rd floor), Starbucks (espresso only), staff lounge, and Catering (upon request)

  • Lakeshore Campus: Media Buzz (F Building), Commons Eatery (L-building), On The Go (L-building), Starbucks Coffee (espresso only), Catering

  • Fairtrade Chocolate Bars are sold at the following locations: All vending machines at Lakeshore Campus, Media Buzz, On The Go, Lake Cafe, Arena Cafe, Commons Eatery and the Lakeshore Bookstore

  • Other Franchises: You can occasionally find Fairtrade Italian Roast and always buy Fairtrade Espresso at Starbucks Coffee