Recognizing that water is a precious resource, water conservation is an integral part of campus life. New buildings are designed with water efficiency in mind and water use is monitored in all facilities to help track and manage peak demand.

We are also reducing the amount of water used in grounds maintenance by introducing sustainable landscape designs. We work continuously to educate our students and staff about water conservation, reminding them that simple daily acts, like turning off taps and reporting malfunctioning plumbing, play an important role in protecting the planet’s most valuable resource. Humber conserves water by employing the following:

  • Low-flow toilets. All the toilets at Humber have been changed to low flow models. Students and staff are encouraged to report any running toilets immediately.
  • Green Roofs. These help to take advantage of storm runoff, so that the water can be utilized instead of running into the storm drains. North Campus LRC and the Centre for Urban Ecology and Lakeshore Campus Building L all have green roofs.
  • Auto-shutoff taps. Simply leaving a tap on for a minute or two can waste a significant amount of water. Many of the taps on Humber’s campuses have motion sensors. By adding auto-shutoff taps when renovating and building new buildings, millions of litres of water can be saved over the course of a year.
  • Sustainable landscaping. Landscape optimization reduces the watering frequency for plants and lawns.

Have you seen our campus water-refill stations? They count the number of water bottles avoided from the landfill. We have eliminated 4,253,721 water bottles since 2014.