Pledge to take back the tap graphic

Did you know 80% of the bottled water we buy end up in landfills? 1

The ‘Take Back the Tap’ campaign aims to educate the Humber community about the negative impacts of drinking from single-use plastic bottles and to choose the better alternative of tap water instead. We encourage students, staff, and faculty to commit to using their reusable bottles by pledging to #TakeBackTheTap, which will help us achieve our goal of reducing the consumption and sale of plastic bottled water on campus. This is a pressing issue for many reasons, including the following:

  • Plastic waste generated by bottled water adds to the 18 billion pounds of plastic that ends up in the ocean each year2;
  •  PET plastic fragments release toxins which pollute our oceans and soil, and harm all life3;
  • Our safe and high quality municipal tap water is tested and monitored frequently4;
  • Clean drinking water is a basic human right, not a commodity.5

See our FACT SHEET for more reasons on why you should #TakeBackTheTap below: