The Barrett Family Foundation donates $10 to Humber

Marking the largest private donation in the college’s history, The Barrett Family Foundation donated $10 million to Humber in support of the Barrett Centre for Technology Innovation (Barrett CTI).

The Foundation, established by Bob and Francine Barrett, supports educational, environmental and humanitarian causes, as well as health and the arts.  

“We believe education is critical to the development of all individuals and we want to help people gain the skills to get and retain a good job,” says Bob Barrett, Founder, The Barrett Family Foundation and president and CEO of Polytainers.

The Foundation initially donated $5 million to Humber in 2016 and has recently committed an additional $5 million to support student excellence programs, skills mentorship programs, and leading-edge technology.

The donation will help distribute student scholarships, train and prepare students to compete in unique experiential learning opportunities, and enhance practical skills and job readiness to achieve workplace success.

“We support Humber because of the college’s commitment to student success and career-oriented learning, and we believe it is the best place for forward-thinking skills development, especially in technology. With a focus on polytechnic education, we are confident that the college is preparing students extremely well for the rapidly changing workforce,” says Barrett.

Scheduled to open in 2019, the facility is dedicated to innovation, skills development, applied research and project-based, collaborative learning featuring digital activity zones rather than traditional classrooms. Equipped with advanced, industry-leading technology, companies will use the Barrett CTI to work with students and experts to solve business and innovation challenges while building on Humber’s expertise in automation and robotics, systems integration, advanced manufacturing and design and user experience testing.

“We are grateful to the Foundation for helping to provide more opportunities for students to gain the progressive technical skills they need to succeed in the skills economy and helping to strengthen Humber’s reputation as a global leader in polytechnic education,” says Chris Whitaker, Humber College president and CEO.

For more information about the project, visit the Barrett CTI website.