Sumit Rane is a graduate of Humber's Engineering Skills Enhancement Bridging Program and is currently working as the Facilities Planner at the University of Toronto. Prior to moving to Canada in March 2018, he was working as a project coordinator for a Fortune 500 company in Mumbai, India. He says that based on his research he was expecting to land a job in Canada upon his arrival, but there was something missing.

“I realized that there was a gap in the system that I followed in India and the system that is followed in Canada. It’s pretty much the same, but the approach is different. Humber helped me bridge the gap and understand the correct approach, applying for jobs and going about with my career in Canada,” says Sumit.

One of the focuses of the Community Outreach and Workforce Development department at Humber is to provide tailored programs for newcomers to Canada to help them obtain the knowledge, skills and resources that are relevant to their careers in Canada. These include Occupation Specific Language Training, Bridge Training programs and job search preparation and mentoring. The Bridging programs are delivered in partnership with the Faculty of Applied Science and Technology and the former School of Media Studies and Information Technology.

Geraldine Babcock, Director of Community Outreach and Workforce Development, says that Sumit was the perfect candidate for the bridging program and while he was enrolled in the program, he was also introduced to the mentorship program for foreign-trained professionals. She adds that “he was matched with an engineer here [Toronto] and that connection led him to the job that he has today.”

Sumit says that the mentorship program connects you with people in the industry and tells you the right things to do and that’s how he landed his first job in Canada.