Humber Applied Arts

Carmela Cammisuli, Laura Cordova, Pete MacInnis and Shirley Yushkov were awarded for their work in photography, design, illustration and advertising by Canada’s only competition to recognize creative professionals in the visual communications sector.  

What started off as a class assignment for Cordova in Humber’s copywriting program became an award-winning campaign idea in the advertising category. The class was asked to create a campaign for Moleskine Smart Writing Set, a digital platform that allows you to immediately transfer your ideas on paper to a screen. 

“The idea was to quickly communicate the Moleskine SWS’s unique selling point, as creatively as possible. By using expressions that begin and end in the same word or words, with original artwork,” she says.

After completing the assignment, Cordova decided to submit the design with her instructors’ encouragement.

Cordova worked with copywriters Sam Ramsay and James Shortly to create copy explaining the product and a clever tagline. Cordova is now interning at Taxi and recently completed her studies in the Creative Advertising and Graphic Design program.

“The program at Humber taught me so much about the advertising industry, what the expectations are, and how to keep pushing for the best idea.”

Cordova’s work and other winning pieces will be published in the next Applied Arts publication and will be featured in the Winners’ Gallery in the Applied Arts online archives.

Each submission was judged independently by talented directors and creators in the industry. Some are founders of their own design companies and others have worked for Sports Illustrated, L’Oréal, Cirque Du Soleil and many more.

The winning entries will be displayed at the Ontario Science Centre from November 9-10.