The Humber community showed their support on August 14 as Electromechanical Engineering Technology graduates Bogdan Malynovskyy and Mateusz Cwalinski prepare to compete on the global stage at the WorldSkills 2019 Competition in Kazan, Russia.

As the two champions head to Russia to compete in Mechatronics at the WorldSkills 2019 Competition this week, Humber’s Go for Gold Rally in the Barrett Centre for Technology Innovation gave Malynovskyy and Cwalinski a send-off with many words of encouragement.

Laurie Rancourt, Senior Vice-President, Academic and the Go for Gold Rally’s Master of Ceremonies, opened the event by thanking Malynovskyy, Cwalinski and the Humber community for their dedication.

“While today’s rally is our official opportunity to celebrate Bogdan and Mateusz, I know there has already been a significant outpouring of support across the community for all of their accomplishments over the past few years,” Rancourt said. “Many of us feel excited, proud, and connected to the team.”

Rancourt noted that Humber students have been training in Skills Ontario and Skills Canada competitions since 2004. Since that time, students have won 26 gold, 12 silver, and three bronze medals.

Chris Whitaker, Humber’s President and CEO, said that he is grateful to have had the opportunity to meet Malynovskyy and Cwalinski over the past few years. “I’m incredibly amazed by the dedication, the commitment, and almost singular focus to the task that these two gentlemen representing us abroad have been putting in to prepare themselves,” he said. “They are truly role models and exemplars of great students.”

Whitaker also recognized the collaborative work between industry partners, professors, staff and students to prepare for an event like WorldSkills. “It certainly takes a village, but it also takes a focused team for us to be successful,” he said.

Neal Mohammed, Director of the Barrett Centre for Technology Innovation and the Mechatronics team trainer, said he’s extremely proud of how far the team has come. He thanked many community members involved in team training, as well as the Barrett CTI team for their support. “I’m proud that this new facility has optimized our training capacity,” Mohammed said. “By training on modern equipment and technology similar to the ones used at the WorldSkills competition, our student knowledge and confidence has rapidly increased.”

The rally also welcomed representatives from Humber industry partners Festo Didactic Inc., DMG MORI Canada Inc., and KUKA Robotics Canada Ltd., where Cwalinski was employed for a period of time. “To be honest, this program [Mechatronics] is the best kept secret in the industry,” said Marco Fernandes, National Service Manager at DMG MORI Canada Inc.

Malynovskyy and Cwalinski approached the podium to hearty applause, both thanking the many people in their lives who helped them along their path to the world stage.

“My journey started when I was looking for a college,” Malynovskyy said. Thanks in part to gaining mentors at Humber who were headed to WorldSkills 2017, he was inspired to reach the world stage himself. “We’re going to give it our all, and give everyone a run for their money,” Malynovskyy added.

The 45th annual WorldSkills Competition takes place from August 22 to 27, 2019, bringing together more than 1,300 young professionals representing over 70 countries and regions who will compete in 56 skills. Read more here.