Reign is headed to the Golden City.

After screenings in Toronto, Los Angeles, awards and critical acclaim, Humber’s first feature film goes to the San Francisco Independent Film Festival later this month.

Reign is about two friends: one unpopular, the other a social butterfly. When they are caught kissing on camera and the video goes viral, popular Brooke becomes one of Charlie’s bullies.

Humber alumna Corey Misquita wrote and directed the movie. Fellow Humber graduate Yusuf Alvi produced the film, along with co-executive producers and Film and Television Production professors Eva Ziemsen and Anneli Ekborn.

Corina Bizim, who played a supporting character in the movie, won a Joey Award for her performance.

“Bullying is something that I experienced when I was younger, so I wanted to focus on the young girl who was on the edge and what she would do to put an end to her torture,” explains Corey Misquita.

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