Today at Lakeshore Campus, Sustainable Humber hosted the Fairtrade Campus Fair to showcase the availability of Fairtrade products on campus.

Students at Humber have access to Fairtrade coffee which is one of the most global agricultural products on the market. Fairtrade coffee can be found at North Campus (Gourmet Express, Java Jazz, GH Café, LRC Cart [3rd floor], Starbucks [espresso only] and the staff lounge) and at Lakeshore Campus (Starbucks [Italian Roast and espresso] and F building Media Buzz).

Fairtrade tea and chocolate can also be found at Lakeshore Campus and were sampled by guests at the event. 

A variety of local businesses selling Fairtrade products also introduced students and staff to products and services, including bananas, jewellery, textiles, chocolate milk and more. 

The event also raised awareness about Fairtrade certification, what it means for a business to be Fairtrade certified and how Humber is aiming to achieve Fairtrade designation at Lakeshore Campus.

"We see the education of ethical consumerism and Fairtrade awareness as essential components of our five-year Sustainability Plan – it also helps that our students and staff love it too," says Roma Malik, Acting Sustainability Manager.

The fair trade social movement helps create equity in international trade. It contributes to sustainable development by offering better trading conditions to marginalized producers and workers.

If you missed today’s event, visit the Fairtrade Campus Fair at North Campus tomorrow morning in LRC Commons Area from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Dozens of vendors will have products for you to sample and purchase to take home and enjoy.

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